Wednesday, March 10, 2010

more thoughts from quah

heres a quote i though of recently

what will be will be
what will come will come
what will go will go
it is the way of life


what will be can change
what will come can go
what will go can also come
if we do not put in the right effort


As things are already certain
we still need to strife on with diligence
because even if the odds might be stacking againts us
we might still be able to turn the table around
giving up even before we start
is probably the stupidest thing ever to be done
while giving up in the middle is probably the most regretable
and finally skrewing it at the very last moment
may as well be the last thing you ever want to do
strive on my friends
and may what you want
come to you
in the way you want or another
what will be will be
what will come will come

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My dream....

It took a long time but
i have finally made up my mind about my future
It came to me in kinda of a dream lol
yea i know i am probably the only person on earth
who has decided what he is gonna do via dreaming haha

What i want to be is a teacher
an ordinary teacher would do teaching math and add math
at the same time if fate has it installed for me
i would really really love to serve in my school....PFS
In the school what i would really want to work towards
is being the principle of the school
lol a little far fetched right but who said a man couldn't dream haha

if that doesnt happen then i still have a back up plan lol
i would still become a teacher in the school i love
I would like to take up the post as house master of pinhorn
scout master in 7gts and maybe Buddhist society teacher advisor
getting back to my roots haha.Either one of it would be fine
but if somehow i manage to become all of it then
i would be a very happy man indeed

but as they all say
things never happen the way to want it to be
its by gods grace and gods will
which is always for the greater good and for the best of you
so i would be happy whatever i become wherever i end up
i follow the wind to the very end
till next time

A little something about me...

Have you ever sat down
and wonder...who are you??
not literally as in what your name is and all
but metaphorically as in
what are you in this world
are you just like any tom dick and harry
or are you the one that shines above the rest
are you the one that makes your friends laugh
when the times are down
or are you the one that makes the time down?

yea you guessed right
its one of those days where i sit down and think
of things of no such importance such as this
and yet i cannot help feeling that the answer
is beyond the great horizon away from the grasp
of my large and clumsy finger tips

What am i to the the world
to be honest i don't know
i have always been different depending on who i am with
maybe thats who i am...a chameleon
ever changing in every different scenario
or maybe not?
Even a chameleon has its original form
a form any other form can recognize as the main
but me??what is my main personality?
i wonder hmmmmm................

when i was at very young age, i was always the cautious one
the one whom took a detour at the very sight of danger
when i grew older at standard 1-3, i was always the one in the corner
always there but invisible,not of any significant importance i guess
when i grew older again around standard 4-6 i became more aggressive
wanting to fit into society more i begun to imitate the people around
imitating peoples personality,the way they talk,what they talk, and etc
i was finally among a group of friends then
again although i was acknowledge as a friend
my presence was there but not there,
it was of no important significant so it doesn't matter if i was there or not
invisibility was a great irony indeed considering i towered among
my fellow classmates back in those age

The time came when i had to move on
to a new era of of my life...middle school
i was enroll into 1budiman where i started anew..fresh for a new start
once again my personality and all practically imitated what is that
of my surrounding took me about 2 month to finally find
a group of people who acknowledge me as their friends
2 month worth of observing how they talk,what they talk about,
and so on and well it work so what the heck i guess

And then came scouts
yes the society that practically change my life to what it is today
the society which i am so proud to be in and will still be till the end of time
when i was with scouts
my personality once again changed....
around my PL which that time range from the calm and inteligent PL daniel lai
to the ferocious bear tan su leong and the wise cheng guo sern
they were all part of my life which shape me
my time with daniel lai made me more lax with my scouts
my time with tan su leong made me less eager to skrew my members
my time with cheng guo sern taught me the greatest tool of all in scouts
and every time the pl changed,i change abit as well

after some time
the personality started to set in
the personality which my friends have all come to know
are i would say my annoyingness lol
i would when among my friends
find a topic where i have heard not long before
in hope that this group of people has not heard it yet
so that i can start common point where we all talk
i would always try to kick in a few jokes
just to brighten the doesnt always works
and at some times
strange words and philosophy start forming in my head
for god knows what reason
but i dont care
as long as everyone's happy
i dont mind dipping my name in mud a few times
just to make the guys around me laugh abit
its just me i guess

but now that i have so much of a free time
i start to wonder to my self .........
who am i really??
i change in the presence of everyone
and i am different to everyone depending on situation
so who is the real me that has been doormat for so long
in fact
to be honest
i go as far as to say that i have forgotten how to laugh
i have always held back a laughter
i dont know why
but i have always try not to laugh
but when i do
it would always be an inaudible sound
or an imitated laugh
but well again
this isnt the time for blabbering nonsense haha
i manage to sketch up a picture
it took me half the afternoon to complete

its a picture of a man with many facade
the picture is suppose to mean the falseness of truth
the mans real face represent the truth
while the mask symbolizes a lie
as we uncover one lie,we stumble upon another greater lie
and as one lie leads to another
the truth will never be unveil
maybe the answer to the question is there is simply
no such thing as the truth
but then again who are we in the vast land in the universe
just a speck of dust i presume in the eyes of HE
never meant to known the whole truth but just
a truth shrouded in lies
but i guess we just have to be great full about it
because its better to know something
than to know nothing at all
and things that are meant to be are meant to be
so if we dont know the truth then the truth is not to be known
by us..that is HIS will
and HIS will is always for the greater good
till then
good nite

Friday, December 11, 2009

A hike up penang hill

Woke up at 6 today morning...crazy right
but its for a good reason haha
today i am going hiking from moon gate
all the way up to penang hill
The reason why i make it a point to wake up
that early is because the day before
navnith...who is the organizer sent me this msg

IF you are confirm going up penang hill
tomorrow please reply this message and be at the
moon gate by 8.15 or we will leave without you

pay attention the the be at the moon gate by 8.15
or we will leave you...why??continue reading

I reach moon gate at 7.30 because my dad had to fetch
my mum to work,so i was just wondering around
reminiscing about my not so distant past in coronation
which to my horror instead of becoming a what they call
projek bambosela-sumthing instead it has become PAS's
hq!!!WTF!!yes PAS...the political party that whats to turn
malaysia into an islamic country run by islamic laws...
i am not gona comment about them but for all the reason
the goverment bared the rights of all the scouts in penang
to have a surreal camping experience in the wilderness
they had to make it into a park....i dont mind the park
seriously but if they want to make a park then MAKE IT INTO
A PARK!!why the hell is it PAS's hq!! argh that really piss me off
Anyways i walk back up to moon gate around 7.45 and saw paalan
has arrive..followed shortly by meng jiang and chulan...
guess what time navnith came...
ish we actually called him
and threaten to leave without him
of course we didnt mean it hahaha
he had some official business with the loo
apparently it was about some awesome mutton curry he eat
yesterday and wanted to share some of whats his stomach..
with the kind of him =.=
But then alls not lost
as even if the organiser was here...the guide wasnt
so we were force to wait for him who was bringing
keshav and narinder along with him lol

journey of course and it was filled with nonsence and adventure
chulan and meng jiang went on and on all the way to the top of the hill
about their room companions in college...apparently meng is heading
to the same college as chulan which is H.E.L.P college....that says alot by itself.
meng was saying about how the college room was so small and expensive
because it was the size of an average veranda and he had to share it with
a room mate with the rent of 500..On the other hand if he rent an house
then it would be much cheaper because its ok la in size and the rent is only
450 with no roommates...which he then quickly add that he had to share it
with a Vietnamese couple and another 2 Vietnamese roommates huh
the conversation that followed had alot of sx-18 rated elements to it and is
not suitable to the delicate eyes of who ever who is reading this

not long after we started out our journey
we stumbled upon our 1st great and probably the greatest obstacle of all
which is the stairway to metaphorical terms....
There was just SOOOO many steps up and they were SOOOO steep
every step we took...or at least i took..required an herculean effort
but we manage to pull through i suppose haha
after that very annoying part of the journey,
we stumbled onto a rock with the word

149 the 9 look like this €

me and chulan were debating what in the world that sign meant
i came to the conclusion it meant that we were 149feet above sea level
but then the 9 look like this € which in short look like the logo for cent
so we both agreed it was a toll booth and were required to pay 14 cent
to pass it....we didnt of course...

not long after that we manage to reach to our 1st pit stop along the
journey .We sat there about 5-10 minutes over there releasing
some steam before we started our journey
we had some coffee which was made up there
it was very good
i honestly suspect it was filled with 3/5 of sugar
because it was really really sweet
but it was really one of the best coffee i had hahaha

we started to move again when just after we were moving out
from the pit stop we ended in a wide plane of land
the guys went wild running around playing tag for awhile
until they found a sepak takraw ball by the side of the recliner
this was what happen

Jerome:Oi jeong take the ball then we play sepak
Jeong mark went and take the ball and start kicking
Narinder:Ok guys dont kick too hard ar(in his indianish accent)
right after that jeong mark super kick the ball and it fly
right over the cliff wall
Narinder:I told u not to hit so hard right
after that we all had a short laugh
and narinder volunteered to take the ball down
jeongmark went up with him...god knows why
but as they came down
jeongmark was asked to wash the ball because it was already
dirty..(they were planing to keep it).
And so jeong mark went down to the pit stop
which was just near by to wash it
as soon as he did he came walk towards us
and kick the ball the the ground..=.=
everyone laugh their ass off because
now jeong mark has to wash the ball again lol
now as he came up with the washed ball again
he went and throw the ball to the spot where we found it
and once again we laugh our ass off at the fact
jeong mark once again has to wash the ball AGAIN!!

We continued our journey to the summit of the hill
the 2nd league of the journey was filled with treacherous pathway
one of the pathway had be smashed off by a landslide
leaving only a fraction of the path...enough space for one foot only
but we manage to went on i guess
about now i was so far in front i didnt manage to eavesdrop
on anybodies conversation...oh well..
But MAN!! leading was anoying
i was walking half way with my jaw slightly open due to fatigue
when a leaf pratically moving at 45kmph flew right into my mouth was disgusting ok...
after that incident my mouth was firmly shut
but that wasn't a factor to deter mother nature as not long after
a small cotton/moth/seed ball flew about 30kmh into my nose
this time it was reallly annoying as it took me about 5 minutes
of blowing my nose to get it out....eeewwww

the road was long but flat so it was nice and relaxing
it wasnt long before we reach our next pit stop
and probably the last pit stop in a building
over there we took a really long rest
about 20 minutes or so
during that time
narinder much on a sandwich his mum made for him
chulan,meng jeong was eating some chips i assume chulan brought along
i can barely remember what everyone else was doing
but we snap some pictures of our ass facing the sun
and maby our faces as well
i wonder why they even bother as all they could see was black darkness
of course unless they meant to use it to insult vimalesh then it was
TOTALLY reasonable i guess
after that we debated to either take the road up
or the trail....against our logic we decided to take the trail
which we absolutely did not least after we reach he top

this new train was fairly annoying with it steep slopes
but it was fine i guess.During our walk
i notice there were a few fallen trees which lie on top of each other
which make them look like gate ways...they were sooo cool
i remember seeing about 9 of them along the way
weird thing is to some religions
it is believe that there are 9 gates of hell
hmmm 9 gates of hell....9 gates on the way to penang hill

it wasnt long before we decided to take a rest
i was at the middle station...we took the liberty to sit on the stairs
and just talk...of course there were monorail comming and going
fetching passengers up and down the hill
narinder,meng and jeong got all euphoric and ecstatic and started
shouting and waving to them
some of the monorail-er were friendly enough to wave back
some merely thought we were crazy
one of them was waving at us when jeong mark started saying
lu lau ah pek aaaaa
which in chinese means u old man aaaaa
then there was one where they didnt wave back and meng
shouted OOOIII!!! at
accompanying these crazy stunts jerome and navnith
were looking at girls on the monorail
they comented on afew of them and hope to see some of
them on top
but it never came true...
(even if it did i doubt they would DARE to come near us...we STINK!!)

we continued our journey
this time we were following the trail
beside a raging flow of water down hill
narinder jokingly said he wanted to test the effects of gravity
so he took a leaf and threw it into the drain...well it went down so fast
we couldnt see he took a stone the size of half your fist
and threw it down the to went down like an
obese falling down an bungee was fast
and not long after we all heard a BOOOMM!!
coincidence?? i think not....

not even a few feet up the trail..we found out a huge tree
has collapse on to it so there was no passing it
so keshav asked us to use a detour.....which is to
walk pass it via the water drain around the tree
the drain was SOOOO slippery thanks to water flow
but once again we manage to pull through
i was leading the about till the half point where the road
changed into stairs again...NOOOOOOO!!!!!T.T
but thank god because that was the last stretch because
as soon as those steps was over it was the sight of heaven it self
we have reached to summit...finally
all our grumbling and past discontentment were all swept
away by a great sense of achievement and fulfillment
however the pain remained as a reminder
of the price we pay to achieve the things we wanted

the first stop upon reaching there was no other that the
food court haha.all of us drank like a horse and eat like a bear.
the food there was awesome...well the fact that we just hike all
the way up probably made it felt awesome haha
everyone else was one table away from our table
the reason was obvious...we stink ok
the aunty that was selling water at that small domain thought
that we her business was bad due to racial reasons and thank
us for eating there when everybody was not....little did she know
that we were the cause of it lol

the guys wanted to go to the canopy walk however it was still
undergoing repairs...if memory serves me correct
it was still under repair 2 years ago when i was form 2
and with our countries efficiency, god knows how long more
will it stay that way...haiz

well we all went our separate ways as we head down the monorail
i hitchhike navnith's mum home however i think
i might have somehow offended them lol
if i did then sorry nav..
a nice bath and a good sleep will do good for me
as i have badminton tomorrow
and having legs the weight of 1 ton wont help me tomorrow
so good night

ps: i dont have the pictures but i feel like drawing some of the "gates"
i saw on the way so i will post it up as soon as i am done

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Left for Dead 2...AWESOME!!!

Was playing left for dead 2 today
with myself of course to get a feel of the game
before teaming up with gary,arif and leon or jason
to go afew round later tonight
and well
i am after all not really a good shooter
in fact i would pratically be the worst team mate
u will ever have.
Simply because i shoot my guns like nobodies buisness
and shoot almos anything that moves....
regardles of whom it may be haha
at the end of the game

i saw sumthing that really made me laugh hehe

Just in case you cant see it
i am the one where the name is yellow in colour
where the part of most friendly fire
all my allies got 0 mine was 14
and where least damage taken where my
allies got 100 sumthing
i got 500++ lol
Oh well
back to my plans

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well yea its kinda late
for me i guess because i usually sleep at 9-10 haha
oh well i guess i have been thinking too much of
the add math paper i did earlier the day
man it wasnt an easy paper
and i was so confident that it was going to be an easy one
thats because
paper 1 was kinda easy so base on experience
form the math paper we took days ago,paper 2
was suppose to be easier..
but then again its murfis's law i guess
what will be will be,what might happen will happen
paper 2 was a killer
so far,it is the only paper powerfull enough
to get me glued to my seat
all the way till the end of the exam
other paper's usually take about half
or slightly more than the time give
which is how i do things
but add math was....dang..

my head has been pulsing with songs
i really dont know why but i think
it might be my brains automatic calming down
mechanism because this is not the 1st time i am
experiencing this...usually during camps,meetings
and exams....
Whatever it is,its working because i can sit
and think properly and carefully in whatever
i am doing
but then again
having songs pulsing in your head aint such a good thing
because you tend to start moving head left and right
in accordance to the music in your head when people
around you dont hear athing therefore u look absolutely
stupid and weird at the same time

oh well i think i will head to bed now
good nite

Monday, November 23, 2009

MY classmates

after some fiddling with my camera and some cable
i have found a way to upload pictures from
my camera to my com

and i have decided to make
the first few pictures in my blog
to dedicate it to my friends and class mates haha
viva la free school
well shall we begin

Candidate 1:Neoh shaw jin a.k.a praying mantis

Yes if u were wondering,
his surname is neoh
i too was dumbfounded when i first found out
but never the less he was a great friend
a big pain in the ass at times
but always a nice guy to talk to
his knowledge on all things H
is particularly scary in fact
but i must say
one of my favorite quotes from him is
i have watch so much "BLUE" normal "BLUE" makes me bored
sorry for those of u who hate this type of stuff
i am just saying
But dont look down on dis guy
behind his kinky behavior
lies a little evil genius that even you
wouldnt be able to defeat
yes i mean it
i had always thought he was an easy guy to beat in the exams
but he prove me other wise
his knowledge in all things science far surpass any of us
and his vast vocabulary only seconds to Tan
be very afraid...

candidate 2 : Lee Jeong Mark a.k.a addidogs

Yes i know
his already pretty famous even without this free publicity haha
oh well
i had never like him especially when he cheats in his exams
almost throughout the whole year
but besides that his a really fun guy to be haha
he goes around telling us jokes and then
laugh with his signature teehee teehee yes he actually
says teehee instead of expressing it lol.
In terms in badminton
lets just say let sleeping dogs lie
among our group of badminton junkies
his one of the best...well rating less than vincent and
dennis i suppose but his pretty good as well

Candidate 3: Narinder a.k.a conde numbjhfjer 2

Well as his name suggest he is pretty much your every day
ordinary singh which means his very very very fact
so tall it makes u feel short in comparison and also very hairy
lol just joking
his a really fun guy to be with honestly
his a good listener and very easy to be with
in fact he can follow up with any conversation easily as well
want an example?? here i was chatting with him yesterday
for fun when i msg him
me: Oi u on drugs again isit so high
Him: No la oni take afew shots of ganja and some kangkung sambal to go with it
me:may i recomend coke and maby some estacy to give it an extra height og highness to it
Him: OoOOO u very creative ar u

as i said very interesting haha
i believe if i am not wrong
he is gona become a doctor
well i dont doubt it
because his bio is suppose to be better than mine haha
of course i have my fair share of whooping his ass in that subject
as well as ong siew chai
but well we are free school students
nothing beats us in terms of intelligence
after all we are a school for scholars,sportsmen and gentlemen
lol good luck to u sister haha

Candidate 4: Lim Eam Ming a.k.a kisame

See the resemblance
his name is lim eam ming we call him fish
i believe it was because his dad's name ended with HU
which is a chinese character for fish
I remember during form 3
during the exam
he would always sit behind of me and well
we were pratically still impish back then
so i took out some stickers and drew fishes on it
and stick it to the wall only visible to him
he would on the stop complain to the teacher
then there was last year where he really save my ass
by buying me a brush during one of my torture
sessions in camp lol
arigato gozaimas kisame-kun
Dont look down on this guys fishy face
behind the facade
lies the evil math genius
yes u heard me right
he can do math as well as shoemarker can drive the F1
in fact maby better
i must boast that my add math is fairly better than average
because math is my favorite subject but this guy
can pratically play circles around me and almost
everyone in my class for this subjectAdd Video
truly an opponent to be feared off haha
good luck eam in wadever ur doing

Candidate 3: Azharul amir a.k.a blue

Well his nickname
i guess says it all
so no further explanation is needed i hope
anyways this guy is really....
no words can describe the awesomeness of this guy
his crazy enough to do anything , brave enough to face anything
and smart enough to pull it off
his truly one of a kind
he is my fellow mascot buddy as i am samurai or P-man for last year
and he is the phantom or the taliban man for last year
He is a prefect
so i dont blame him for skipping class all the time
but i really hope he and all the prefect as well
sho up their faces early morning so i can mark their attendence
but lets just leave that as that because leaving he class all the time
dont seem to affect them at all
NO they are truly the elite of my school
they may skip class but they can cover up everything
in fact some of my classmates who are prefect score higher than those
who stay in class and pay attention all day to lessons
good luck blue

I have saved the best for last

Here we have Tan siew Hung A.K.A taugeh tan/Topedo tan

my faithfull assistant monitor
who sits beside me in class
and does most of the times
really really stupid magic trick
for example
he will take 2 coin and douse it with cold water
then put it on the table and then ask u to take one
and squeeze it with ur hand as hard as possible
then he would mumble in sum alien language
and touch both coin and as IF BY MAGIC
he knows which coin u take...if u really dont know
how he did it well i dont blame u i was the 1st to found out
He is nickname taugeh tan because his dad sells taugeh
and not just sell his dad is practically the supplier of taugeh
in penang lol
he plans to take over the business and add it a spice
of his own which he says he will encoparate biology to it
lol good luck with that tan
He is also known as topedo tan
simple he always play football as the keeper
and he has a signature move
which is he will slid at the opponent
at full speed forcing them to either move away and lose the ball
or risk THEIR balls in the line of fire
the ball...whichever ball which gets hit...will fly about half way
across the field in a very outstanding manor right above
our heads most of the time...a feat u would never forget in fact
and the point is..he does it almost every time a ball comes
lol..danger alert danger alert haha
In terms of knowledge
he could pratically squish me in sejarah,all the science subject
math and siviks if he was really focused because he has really really
good study methods which i would never succumb to my own ego to ask

Next we have Shaun a.k.a best friend...

This guy arrrr
can be said everybody wants to be friend with him
and yes i mean it
I sometimes dont really understand why when i think of it in
a logical manner but i guess nature is not dictated by the laws
of simple understanding and logic..because is more complex than that
there was once a talk given by my teacher about mindset
she said that before the exam if u say fail d la then chances are u will
do badly because u already given up...this seems to work upside down for
He pratically goes to the exam hall and every single paper right
after opening one page he will say fail d laa
in fact its his signature word
but the weird part is...he scores even higher than average
which is to say he pawn me flat in exams except addmath T.T
One of my favorite quotes from him is
"I will pedigree that guy through the table"
which he said in accordance to some news about politics in
malaysia haha but that is another story for another day

And then we have Vimalesh...a.k.a (anything which has the word black in it)

He is by far
the most hated yet the most like student in the class
everyone in the class will find even the smallest reason to argue
with him even if it was irrelevant but we all feel really really
sad when he is suddenly missing and all
i mean it
althought everyones teases you we actually are quite fond of u
I remember eam ming said somethign of him
being my brother from a different mother and father
lol...i might agree with that.
the only difference between me and him is skin colour
besides that in terms of everything else we are pratically on par

our intelligence level...we compete exam after exam taking over each other
at the next exam

Our Sport achivement...ok i dont have many achievement compared to him
because of all his tennis achivement but i am very active in sports..i mean it as in
in terms of my sporthouse and all.

Belly size.....yes we both have almost the same belly size....i am proud to say mine
is smaller then his =P.

and last but not least KAVIRAJ A.K.A godfather..kononnya

He is
a really really really really anoying guy
at least to be
he tries to imitate real life actors
but i guess over time
that has become a part of him
a significant part which is like a unique signature
for him self
i remember back then
when i had to harrase him to pay up his patrol fund
yes i was his PL back then and i had to fork out money
to pay for this guy who in the end not only never turn up
but never pay me back as well....and this repeated 3 times
yea i know the saying once's a mistakes, twice a fool
and i am trice which makes me a dumb
I heard recently
he had been involve in some sindicate in my school
to sell off stolen calculator but i have good comformation
that it is a lie ...thank god
after all we wouldnt want our friends to get stuck in
nonsense do we haha

Owh gosh i really have to go and get back to my moral
to those of u i didnt post up
lets just say i didnt manage to snap a picture of u lol
sorry yea guys because u were all wonderfull friends to me
and well i could only put up this few pictures,
till then...